Sport & therapy

Treatment for specific requirements as per description

Localised treatment (e.g. invertebral disc problems, acute pain, tennis/golf elbow, lumbago, etc.)


50 Min.

55 Euro

Treatment to accompany rehabilitation post-op

50 Min.

65 Euro

Note: no diagnoses provided!!


Localised treatment


Sports massages

Here, tension, hardening and bonded joints are provided with targeted treatment and recovery is simultaneously promoted in order to provide full efficiency for further training or competitions.


50 Min.

70 Min.

65 Euro

85 Euro



Sports massages



The vital check serves as a general test of bodily condition using various muscle function tests. Through this, contractions, muscular disbalances and malposition can be detected and causes for possible complaints can also be found. 

In the subsequent discussion, possible measures based on a training plan or recommendations regarding treatment will be made and possibilities highlighted in order to provide long-term solutions to all kinds of different complaints.