General counselling session

Modern times require a new way of handling and thinking about issues of vitality and body disharmony. Using preventative and health-promoting measures, general living conditions and lifestyle can be positively influenced and changed.
The advice I provide serves to counsel people on health-promoting change, nutrition and mental attitude and to accompany them on their journey. 
Our body constantly uses small signals and sensations to make us aware and show us how to handle ourselves and use our strengths and energy economically. 
Together we can get to the bottom of the causes and try to clearly identify issues in order to better understand and, therefore, solve them. Often these are very simple things which we can understand and implement to achieve the desired results.

Be open, inquisitive and grant yourself access, because nothing is more important than your own wellbeing.

I can also help you with using Bach flower extracts or other natural resources and give you other tips to work on your personal issues and concerns and to largely solve them, either during general counselling sessions or in separate sessions.

(see coaching)

General counselling

(Overview of current situation, goals and desires. Clarifying causes and signposting possible paths towards solutions)

from 90 min