„Mind coaching is the methodically repeated, systematic, conscious and controlled optimisation of ideas regarding your own state, your deeds and/or paths without simultaneous practical execution.“

(Mayer & Hermann, 2011)

Sports and business mind coaching


Sports mind coaching

Be on the ball when it counts!

Mental strength makes up more than half of proficiency levels but only five to ten percent of this is used most of the time in training. This means that an important resource is being neglected. 
Mental abilities can be trained in exactly the same way as bodily strength, technical precision or endurance. 

When is mind coaching useful?

  • for optimising general performance and success
  • for reducing nervousness and competition nerves
  • for optimising recovery in stressful periods
  • for dealing with pressure
  • for performing even in suboptimal conditions
  • for managing emotions
  • for relaxation training
  • for motivation training / goal setting
  • etc.

Mind coaching helps you to access your potential or peak capacity with utmost precision at decisive moments.


Business mind coaching

Business mind coachingBusiness mind coaching consists of a multitude of techniques and methods which are derived from various disciplines such as sports psychology or competitive sports. 
The goal is to optimise performance, emotional and social resilience and further key characteristics in relations to our jobs, i.e. our careers. 
Just as in sports mind coaching, increased individual performance is sought through repeated practice. The goal is to become the best version of yourself.

So when is business mind coaching used?

  • for developing self-awareness
  • for promoting general resilience
  • for dealing with difficult situations, e.g. difficult conversations or negotiations
  • for building up social and emotional competence
  • for recognising individual abilities and promote them
  • for improving concentration
  • for stress regulation
  • for structuring work habits
  • etc.

Some simply dream of success whilst others work hard for it.